About Me

Hey guys!  I'm a 30-something Office Admin/Accounts Payable and Receivable clerk that telecommutes from home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  
My hubby often jokes about my "work clothes" aka PJ's.  Since I work from home I practically live in PJ's.  And frankly, I think it's the best part of working from home other than not having to go take a bus in -40 weather.  It was really hard coming up with a blog name that I could relate to, and PJ's and Polish really just seemed to fit.  To me, PJ's and Polish just briefly sums me up.  I'm a laid-back person that likes to be comfortable, yet I do like to be girly and wear makeup and nail polish.

I really can't remember exactly at at what point my fascination/fixation on polish started.  I think it started when I was bored and I found a blog and the Color Club Halo Hues were swatched.  When I saw the Halo Hues I was like "OMG, I can have freakin' rainbows on my nails??!!".  My hidden inner girly-girl went colour crazy and I started looking for as many swatches as I could find and my love affair with nail polish began.

So why do I want to start a nail polish blog?  Well no one in my "world" really gets it.  Since I work from home, sometimes I feel very isolated and alone.  Painting my nails often relaxes me and makes me happy.  Part of my enjoyment is connecting with others with similar interests and expressing myself by sharing my thoughts and pictures.

I am by no means an expert, nor am I a nail technician.  I am definitely an amateur when it comes to photographs and they may sometimes (often?) be blurry.  I am simply just a girl who has a polish obsession that likes to share what I think and feel about the polishes in my ever expanding collection.

Regarding what I use for my photos, I use my iPhone4S camera with the Camera360 app, a Ott-Lite desk lamp and a black neoprene laptop sleeve for the background (Thanks FashionPolish for the tip!).  Pretty snazzy setup, eh?!  Photos may be posted with very minor adjustments.  Most photos will only be cropped and watermarked, but occasionally I may filter the light slightly with the Picasa editor if the photos are too dark. I will always note if the colour captured on my photos is significantly different to what I see in real life.

I try to post every Tuesday and Thursday and this blog will focus mainly on polish swatches and reviews, but there will also be some nail art and beauty reviews.

Well, enough about me, on to the polish!