Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Blogger Problems - Filing Mishap

Hey guys!  I was thinking today that my nails were looking rather wonky looking.  While I was on vacation, I let my nails be free of polish except for Duri Rejuvacote and I had filed them down a bit because they were starting to be crazy long.  Well, filing my nails without polish on them was a bad idea because they looked weird when I finally put polish on.

So after polishing them, I went at them with my file, and then all of a sudden I had a panic moment where I literally burst into tears because they looked even worse than before and I had to file them down even shorter to fix them.  It was definitely a "OMG, what did I do?!?!" moment. 

Obviously it isn't the end of the world, but for a bit there I was so upset and frustrated.  I've been growing my nails out since I started over again in April with applying Duri Rejuvacote and I was contemplating about doing a follow up post to show you my progress.  Of course I'd filed my nails quite a few times in between then and now, but I was so proud of how long they'd gotten.  My nails have never been that long and strong in my entire life so I guess I was mourning their loss.

Blogger Problems Fails Filing Mishap
Blogger Problems - Filing Mishap!
Normally this would be a review post, but I'll save that for another day to actually focus on the review.  I had actually taken a really quick picture of my "before" nails (I wasn't really worried about lighting or colour correctness), so I took quick pic of my "after" nails as well.  I think the end result does look neater and more uniform than before and they don't look as short as I'd originally thought.  It does make typing a lot easier with the length they are now, though!

Have you had filing mishaps before, or weird "nail issues" that have bugged you or frustrated you?  Let me know in the comments below!