Monday, 2 June 2014

Nail Vinyls

Hey guys!  Nail Vinyls had a sale recently and I finally broke down and got some.  I have a ton of striping tape, but find it difficult to work with.  I've seen lots of beautiful manis with the Nail Vinyls and as soon as they got here I couldn't wait to try them.

Swatch and Review Nail Vinyls 40 count Lightning Bolts 100 count Skinny Single Chevrons and 100 count Skinny Chevrons
Nail Vinyls 40 count Lightning Bolts, 100 count Skinny Single Chevrons and 100 count Skinny Chevrons

I got the 40 count Lightning Bolts, 100 count Skinny  Single Chevrons and 100 count Skinny Chevrons.  I was considering also picking up some of the French Tips, but changed my mind.  Now I'm regretting not getting them.

The Nail Vinyls come with easy to follow instructions:

Swatch and Review Nail Vinyls Instructions
Nail Vinyls Instructions

I decided to go with a really simple design at first to test the waters and used a single Skinny Chevron on my middle nail.  My polish was already dry from previously so I used tweezers to remove the nail vinyl from the backing and to place it on my nail.  It was very easy to place and stayed put.  I used a quick coat of black over the whole nail and peeled of the vinyl.  It came out excellent, very neat and crisp.  So much easier for me to use than normal striping tape.

Nail Vinyls Nail Art Skinny Chevron Design

And here are the final results.  A super quick and easy accent nail to give new life to a mani.  I love the sharp contrast of the black with the simple pattern.  I think it would look excellent with a colour on each side as well.  I can foresee myself using these when I want a quick and simple look and I look forward to experimenting with them more.

Polishes used:

Base Color: OPI This Gown Needs A Crown
Accent Nail Color: FingerPaints Black Expressionism
Nail Vinyl: Skinny Chevron
Topcoat: HK Girl

Nail Vinyls come in a variety of styles and are available for purchase at her store HERE.  Prices vary per design and quantity.  Variety packs are available at a 10% discount.  Shipping is available to Canada and is very reasonable!  Every now and then they come out with a discount code, so be sure to follow them at the links below for updates.

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