Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Blogger Problems - Breakage

Hey guys!  Today I wanted to chat a bit about another Blogger Problem that I've been dealing with.  A while back I posted about my "filing mishap" and how frustrating it was.  Recently I had a crack on my middle nail that I was able to save with some nail glue.  I tried gel, and the Orly Nail Rescue kit and I didn't like how it looked in photos, because it looked awkward being built up more than the other nails. 

I was actually able to repair it using the nail glue on the underside of the nail for a few weeks, until I made the mistake of going out without at least a basecoat of Duri Rejuvacote.  I went out with bare nails, and when I came home I noticed I had a crack on the same nail on the other side and it was close to meeting and coming off completely.  I managed to save it for a day, but unfortunately the next day it completely snapped off while I was trying to pry apart some frozen bread to put in the toaster.  Foiled by toast!

Blogger Problems Breakage Duri Rejuvacote Nails Nail Glue Repair Orly Nail Rescue Gel
Blogger Problems - Breakage
 So, now I'm left with a couple options and I'm not sure what route I should go.  I haven't had a break on my swatching hand (except my thumb) since before I did my Duri Rejuvacote Challenge and I've just been filing my nails down every time they get too long.  As noted in the photo above I do have some length left on my middle finger, but the unevenness is making my OCD flare up something awful.  The other nails are just how I like them, but it will take a while for me to grow out my middle nail so it's about the same length.

Should I?
  • Take a break from swatching and do more beauty products for a while until my middle nail catches up a bit.
  • Blog as is with my middle nail shorter than the others.
  • File them all down to approximately the same as my middle nail and start over.
So dear readers what should I do?  Here are the options I thought of, if you have more suggestions, let me know.