Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Duri Rejuvacote Challenge - Day 1

Hey guys!  Sorry for the no post yesterday.  I was battling with a migraine all weekend and I'm still feeling under the weather.  To make things worse my middle nail on my swatching hand had a really long crack on the side.  I need to get that Orly Nail Rescue I've been hearing so much about, but for now I'm back to super shorties.

It bugs me if my nails are way too different in length so I chopped them all down again.  I did like experimenting with the square(ish) nails, but I think my nails are just not strong enough on the corners to keep up with the square.  I've rounded them out again and I guess we'll see how that goes!  If any of you have been wondering where my thumb has disappeared to in my swatches, I have a deep crack on the left side of my thumb as well and I've just used Gelous on it and have not been painting it to keep the use of acetone down to a minimum.

I'm going to go back to using my favourite nail strengthener Duri Rejuvacote as a base under my polish for a while.  I used to use this regularly and my nails stopped peeling and breaking as often.  Lately I've been using Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A-Peel, but I think I need some strengthening power again. 

Today's post will be...naked nails! *gasp*!  I am actually kind of nervous about showing my naked nails as I have those funky ridges I don't think my naked digits are very pleasing with the weird lines, but I'm going to be doing a one week challenge using only Duri Rejuvacote as my base.

For this challenge I'll be following the instructions on the bottle which state:
  • Begin with clean dry nails.
  • Apply one coat of Rejuvacote as a base coat.
  • Apply nail colour if desired.
  • Apply Rejuvacote as a topcoat daily.
  • After 7 days remove with polish remover.
  • As nails improve apply every other day or as needed.
Duri Rejuvacote Nail Treatment
Duri Rejuvacote Challenge - Day 1

So, here are my naked nails with one coat of Duri Rejuvacote to start.  I'm going to hold off on applying colour until the Sunday Stamping challenge, but I'll apply another coat of Duri daily!  Let me know in the comments if I should post a quick daily photo and update, or if you think I should do Day 1, Day 4 and Day 7.

Please note, Duri is not 3-free and does contain Formaldehyde and Camphor.  You can find a complete list of ingredients here.  Canadians can purchase Duri Rejuvacote online at Nail Polish Canada for $12.95.  Currently shipping is free at the time of this blog post.