Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Stamping - Bad A$$ Mani

Hey guys!  I've got a second post for you today.  Sunday Stamping is back this week and the challenge this week is a "Bad A$$ Mani".  When it comes to my normal nail art, I'm a girly girl with flowers, lace, hearts, that sort of thing.  I don't own any images I'd consider "bad a$$" like skulls, crossbones, rock paraphernalia, etc.

I decided to do something out of my normal style.  When I'm stamping I usually reach for a floral or at least cutesy.  For this challenge I wanted something that looked fun, grunge/punk, yet still with my girly twist.   The crossed lines image looked like something I could layer to achieve a graffiti like feeling.

Sunday Stamping Bad A$$ Mani China Glaze Petal to the Metal Konad Color Club Eternal Beauty HK Girl
Sunday Stamping - Bad A$$ Mani
While I'm not 100% certain it fits in a "bad a$$" type theme, I think it turned out awesome and I figured I'd show it off.  I love how the holo lines give it a bit more depth and I love the black and white over the pink base.  What do you guys think?

Materials used:

Base - China Glaze Petal to the Metal
Plate - Pueen 05
Stamping polishes - Konad Black, Konad White and Color Club Eternal Beauty


  1. That does look bad ass! Such a cool, edgy design :D

    1. Thank you Rhea! I had fun with this one!


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