Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dance Legend - TermoShine 182

Hey guys!  Today's polish is Dance Legend TermoShine 182.  My polish friend Christine ordered this from Llarowe as part of a mini group order and graciously let me review it before I send it on to her.  TermoShine 182 is a thermal jelly polish that shifts with the changes in temperature and this one also has various sizes of rose-gold glitter.  

Have you ever put on a polish and thought, "meh, I'm not sure if I like it"...and then later on, once you've had some time to look it over you realize how magical and complex the polish really is?  That's how I felt about this polish.  It was my first time trying a Dance Legend polish and my first experience with thermals.  Immediately I was pretty wowed by the colour-shift, but I wasn't really in love with the glitter.  After a while, I couldn't stop looking at my nails and the complexity of the polish and I've fallen hopelessly in love.

Dance Legend - TermoShine 182 Warm

This is two coats of TermoShine 182 and one coat of HK Girl.  Here I'm showing the polish as it is when it's warm.  When it's warm it turns a pinkish-purple.  The formula is a bit on the thicker side, but application was great.  The first coat went on smooth and easy and dried quickly.  It did need two coats for full coverage, but I didn't have to fuss much with the glitter.  It pretty much stayed where it was put and I really only had to shift any glitter that was hanging over the free edge.

Dance Legend - TermoShine 182 Cold

When it's cold, the polish is a dark blurple and this is how it comes out of the bottle.  My photo shows it a wee bit darker than I see on my nails and the glitter is not as evident when it's cold.

Swatch and Review Dance Legend TermoShine 182 HK Girl
Dance Legend - TermoShine 182 Room Temperature
And this is how the polish normally looks on me unless I'm super freezing.  The purple is a bit deeper and the tips of my nails are dark blue.  I get an instant french manicure without any extra steps!  All in all, colour me impressed!  Great formula, the colour-change is stunning and the color-combo with the glitter is awesome.  I am sorely tempted to keep the polish hostage, but I'll just have to order one of my own I think!

Do you own any Dance Legend polishes?  Which ones are your favourite?  I think I see a Dance Legend purchase in my future!

Dance Legend polishes can be obtained by Canadian customers through Llarowe for between $7.00 and $13.00 USD.  Shipping is via USPS and varies.  However shipping is free with a $100.00 order.